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Sliced three-colour peppers 250g

Special plancha and wok, these three-colour peppers in slices are all ready to go.

2,17 €

These pepper strips are all ready to go. You can enjoy them: on the griddle, in a wok, in salad, or served with main dishes.

ingredients: peppers, water, salt and acidifiant: citric acid

Energie : 141kJ / 33kcal
Matières grasses : 0,4g
dont acides gras saturés : 0,04g
Glucides : 5,7g
dont sucres : 4,4g
Protéines : 1,1g
Sel : 1,7g
Fibres alimentaires : 1,2g
Vitamine C 81mg soit 100% des AJR
Vitamine A 253 µg soit 31% des AJR
Vitamines C: 69mg, soit 86% des AJR

Ederki Basque Verrines

Ederki Basque Verrines

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