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Piquillo peppers 390g

These piquillo peppers , grown in Navarre, are deluxe quality. They have been peeled over a wood fire.

Also comes in jar195g size.

6,40 €

Piquillo peppers are used in making many different tapas, also for mixed salads, sauces and are superb with grilled meats. The most famous dish using Piquillo peppers remains "piquillo stuffed with cod".

Ingrédients: poivrons del piquillo, sel et acidifiant: acide citrique

Energie : 143kJ / 34kcal
Matières grasses : 0,2g
dont acides gras saturés : 0g
Glucides : 6,0g
dont sucres : 4,0g
Protéines : 1,3g
Sel : 0,7g

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