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White beans 31.4cl

White beans, a major ingredient in cassoulet, come from pods which grow to ripeness and are then shelled to obtain the beans.
After being drained and rinsed, these white beans are ready to be eaten.

also comes in large size (72cl).

1,32 €

White beans are obviously perfect for preparing the traditional cassoulet. However they can also be used to make warm or chilled soups, in salad and in side dishes served with meats, poultry and even fish. White beans can be prepared with tomato sauce, carrots, and they go beautifully with charcuterie. 

white beans, water, salt, antioxydant: E-223 (sulfites)

Energie : 456kJ /108kcal
Matières grasses : 0,4g
dont acides gras saturés : 0,1g
Glucides : 15,2g
dont sucres : 0,7g
Protéines : 7,9g
Sel : 1,4g
Fibres alimentaires : 0,1g

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