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Gazpacho 480g

Our recipe is organic and has no preservatives or additives and is made in the very heart of southwest France, with French vegetables. Our Gaspacho is a specialty of Spanish origin and is enjoyed throughout the entire Basque country. Gaspacho is a soup that is best served chilled. It is made with cucumber, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, onions.

3,96 €

Serve well-chilled.

Tomates, eau, concombre, poivrons rouges, oignons, ail, vinaigre, sel, huile d'olive, jus de citron, sucre, poivre.

Energie : 104kJ / 25kcal
Matières grasses : 1,1g
dont acides gras saturés : 0,1g
Glucides : 2,8g
dont sucres : 2,3g
Protéines : 0,9g
Sel : 0,6g


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