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Small squid in Basque sauce

Small squid, or chipiron, are an absolute must in Basque cuisine. They are abundant along the Basque coast. Small squid are prepared in many different ways. slices sautéed on the griddle, in sauce with their ink on the stovetop, or whole, stuffed with their tentacles then cooked with the famous Basque sauce made of onion, oil, tomatoes and slightly spicy pepper. This sauce exalts whole small squid.

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Ideal served chilled as tapas at cocktail time, small squid can also be served warm.
One tin holds 4 to 5 small squid.
Chef's tip: Served with a portion of rice, these small squid are also a real meal.

small whole squid 63%, tomato, sunflower oil, onion, pepper, spices, salt. Can contain traces of fish and egg.

Energie : 522kJ / 125kcal
Matières grasses : 6,4g
Glucides : 3,8g
dont sucres : 0g
Protéines : 13g
Sel : 0,8g

Ederki Basque Verrines

Ederki Basque Verrines

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