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Cardoon 72cl

Often confused with chard, cardoon is actually closer toartichoke.
Ederki cardoons are grown in Navarre, in Spanish Basque country.

2,74 €

Cardoon is often made as agratin, with cream, with the juice from a meat dish, sautéed, in a white sauce or bechamel sauce. Cardoon served with bone marrow is a gastronomic classic from the Lyon area.

Cardon, water, salt, acidifiant: citric acid (E330).

Energie : 43,7kJ / 10,3kcal
Matières grasses : 0,1g
dont acides gras saturés : 0,01g
Glucides : 1,7g
dont sucres : 1,5g
Protéines : 0,65g
Sel : 1,7g
Fibres alimentaires : 0,01g

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