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Squid in Basque sauce

Squid are one of the best-known Basque specialties. Squid can be enjoyed warm or chilled in every season as a starter or at cocktail time. This squid is prepared in Basque sauce that uses onions, oil, tomatoes and slightly spicy peppers. This sauce goes beautifully with squid and this dish is a long-standing tradition in Basque gastronomy.

2,10 €

Ideal served chilled as tapas at cocktail time, squid can also be served warm.
Chef's tip: Served with a portion of rice, this squid is also a real meal.

squid 58.5%, tomato, sunflower oil, onion, pepper, spices, salt and wine vinegar.

Energie : 537kJ / 128 kcal
Matières grasses : 5,8g
dont acides gras saturés : 0,7g
Glucides : 2,0g
dont sucres : 0g
Protéines : 16,6g
Sel : 1,1g

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