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Savoury biscuits with sheep cheese and Espelette pepper

Nothing added, no preservatives, no palm oil!
These crackers made with ewe cheese and Espelette pepper, are artisan-made with pure butter.
A short list of ingredients, like at home, for authentic, original tastes.

2,81 €

Ideal at cocktail time.

wheat flour, cheese pur brebis 19 %, butter, milk, sugar, salt, Espelette pepper 0.5 %. Peut contenir des traces d'amandes and de noisettes.

Energie : 2169kJ / 519kcal
Matières grasses : 28,3g
dont acides gras saturés : 19,1g
Glucides : 52,5g
dont sucres : 7,42g
Protéines : 13,5g
Sel : 2g
Fibres alimentaires : 19,1g


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